Warfighter Requirements Demand Innovation!

Our Engineering Team Excels At Delivering The Warfighter, Network-Based, Solutions:
Network Designs, Cutting-Edge Technology Development, and Fielding Robust, Secured Solutions.

Network Design Fielding & Optimization

Reducing Risk, Optimizing Investments

5G Expeditionary Network Integration

Science and Technology Integration

Secured Wireless Edge Device Development

Science and Technology Rapid Prototyping

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Network EW Experimentation

Software Development

Integrating Solutions

Next G Network Development

Science and Technology Experimentation


Training, Test & Evaluation

Athena-Tek designs Core, Access, Edge, and Distribution network subsystems for Training and Test and Evaluation use cases leveraging Modeling and Simulation tools.

MESH Network Monitoring and Control

Mesh M&C – Leverage Android TED (A TED) as a M&C tool to interact with TED or TED M mesh capabilities for programming ease.

TED Sub-meter Accuracy

For sub-meter – Improves warfighter training realism and weapons testing quality

Expeditionary Live Virtual Constructive Test Command Center (XLCC) Integration

Demonstrate XLCC capability for training use cases using Legacy MILES, IWS detectors, and VTESS

Data collection for Operational and Developmental Testing

Show ADMAS connectivity using T-Mobile 5G commercial network

5G Enabled Video Capture for Training AAR and Weapons Testing

Video from camera that is connected to a 5G network via sim card is delivered to another device connected to either the same network or a different one

M320 Indirect Fire Counter Defilade Fires

Simulate the firing and effects of an M320 Grenade Launcher for integration with training and after-action review enhancement.


TED Integration – Instrumentable -multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation System (I-miles VTESS)

Expeditious Training Solution for Home Stations

Next Generation soldier training with a lightweight quickly deployable exercise controller for infrastructure less training​. Integrate the next systems generation lightweight soldier kits into the TED Architecture along with our other

Weapons Effects Simulators

Grenade & Claymore Integrated to Lightweight IWS via TED M; Real Time Casualty Assessment (RTCA) Displayed on ATAK EXCON

Voice Over Mesh

When no infrastructure is available, use Halow mesh to support a walkie-talkie scenario​

Video Over Halow Mesh

Video from the camera is delivered to the laptop through the Halow mesh network

One World Terrain Information Over Mesh

Using mesh to push OWT tile data to Player Unit Radios while on the move based on KPI information.

Lorawan Dongle

Lorawan Dongle Objective: Integrate real-time kinematics with Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, etc. for ground combat vehicle (GCV) next-generation training systems. Approach: GPS RTK is achieved by: Setting up a 24-hour


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