Our team innovates.

Our Engineering Team Excels At Delivering The Warfighter, Network-Based, Solutions:

  • Network Designs
  • Cutting-Edge
  • Technology Development
  • Fielding Robust, Secured Solutions.

Core and SDR-based RAN

When our partners needed a small form factor 4G LTE network to test their STE LTS solutions, our team created an open-source 4G LTE Laptop Core and SDR-based RAN.


When our team needed automatic spectrum access, we integrated the Iridium network into the CBRS RAN.

ad-hoc network (MANET)

When our customer required an infrastructure-less training solution, we created a sub 1Ghz mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). This self-forming, self-healing network option does not require spectrum approval.

COTS SA/NSA expeditionary

When our team needed to test our 5G ARES units operating in Stand Alone (SA) mode, our team integrated a COTS SA/NSA expeditionary network Zeus.

RTK  base station

When our customer required submeter GPS accuracy, our team created an RTK  base station.

5G edge device with MANET

We then created a 5G edge device with MANET extensions with submeter accuracy and a plethora of wired and wireless interfaces.