Systems Integration

5G Network Design

Athena-Tek has deployed an open-source private network based on the 3GPP standards for 4G/5G NSA networks. This private network can be used to build complete end-to-end mobile wireless networks.

Our development team leverages their experience with radiofrequency engineering, configuration, and networking on Linux systems, the configuration of SIM cards, 4G/5G RAN protocol stack, and 4G/5G core network architecture.

Athena-Tek is one step ahead of competitors with our own 5G end device, the 5G ARES II PUR, that has been integrated and tested to 4G/5G NSA and 5G SA private networks as well as our exercise controller.

MILES – Force on Force Training

I-MILES is used to enhance the warfighter’s capability to prepare for combat operations by allowing training and assessment of individual and collective tasks during force-on-force operations.

The devices use an eye-safe laser to replicate the engagement effects of their intended “line of sight” weapons systems. I-MILES provides realistic, real-time casualty effects for force-on-force tactical engagement training scenarios and its ability to integrate into training instrumentation systems to provide for high fidelity combined arms combat exercises. 

Due to their modular design, I-MILES devices are approved for use at Home Station, the Combat Training Centers (CTCs), and in the theater of operations.

Athena-Tek’s ARES integration to I-MILES allows for 5G AR/VR efforts to integrate to I-MILES since they are in the same 5G network.

Operational/SMART Data Collection

The US Army uses data collectors (ADMAS and GoldenEye) to collect data from an Operational Test to be used for analysis.

Athena-Tek’s ARES I and ARES II have the capability of connecting to these data collectors via ethernet and transmitting the data over the air to the appropriate destination.

Athena-Tek leverages the analyzed key performance indicators (KPI) to determine when the device has the best signal quality for data transmission. ARES has the capability to pull data directly off an ADMAS collector and stream the data to a server using 5G.


In support of the Synthetic Training Environment – Live Training System (STE-LTS) Force on Force (FoF) effort, Athena-Tek has integrated our ARES product to the Integrated Live Virtual Constructive Test Environment Exercise/Operational Test Controller (ILTE).

This effort includes embedded software development to allow the ARES unit “talk” to the ILTE gateway. Athena-Tek has created a private 4G network using open source tools to facilitate the system integration at Fort Hood.

The ILTE/ARES system is currently available for STE LTS stakeholders to demonstrate their capabilities.

ILTE Exercise Controller

Athena-Tek has been one of the main developers of the Integrated Live-Virtual-Constructive Test Environment (ILTE) EXCON for the PEO STRI PM CT2 organization. The mission of the ILTE system is to provide a realistic and integrated environment to conduct Operational Tests to validate operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability of Warfighter systems.

Athena-Tek has integrated the ILTE EXCON with cellular public and private networks, narrowband networks, real-time casualty assessment (RTCA), test data collectors, RF network planning tools, constructive simulation systems, and more.