Founder's Profile

Athena Technologies LLC (“Athena-Tek”) is led by Mr. Janio Sanchez an electrical engineering graduate from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Upon graduation Mr. Sanchez worked for one of the leading Department of Defense contractors, Grumman Aerospace.  He was part of a team of engineers designing sophisticated communications systems for the A6 aircraft. While in Long Island, Mr. Sanchez began his studies towards a Masters degree in Computer Science at the New York Institute of Technology.  Mr. Sanchez next became involved in the telecommunications industry working for Northern Telecom, the largest Canadian telecommunications equipment manufacturer at that time; working in Research Triangle Park in Raleigh North Carolina and later in Florida.  His major technical endeavors included designing and simulating electronic circuit boards for communications systems, designing sophisticated software for the switching systems and working on cellular network designs/deployments. Mr. Sanchez continued his studies towards a Masters in Computer Science at Duke University and later a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami.

Mr. Sanchez started Saniz Telecom Inc. in support of cellular networks being deployed in Latin America by a demanding customer base like Bell South, Telefonica, Stet, and Bell Canada. He will later invest in acquiring radio frequency licenses to provide services in Ecuador. Saniz Telecom went to successfully acquire venture capital investment from the United States from International Wireless Communications from San Mateo in California and from Formus Communications from Denver Colorado.  Later, Mr. Sanchez would invest in an undersea fiber optic cable operator (Cable Andino), a participant in the undersea fiber optic cable consortium – PanAmerican cable system. This network brought fiber connectivity from the west coast of South America through Central America for internet access, data transmission, voice and video services onto the United States.

Upon his return to the United States, Mr. Sanchez joined the Department of Defense and worked at the Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI); he was the subject matter expert in communications in support of a plethora of programs across Project Manager Training Devices (PM TRADE).

The Department of Defense experience afforded Mr. Sanchez the ability to understand firsthand Army communication use cases, requirements, spectrum challenges and available market solutions. Mr. Sanchez’s value proposition to the Department of Defense and to industry in general is the ability to execute complex engineering projects, in time, and within budget.

Thus, Athena Technologies was created.

Janio Sanchez